Tay Moss



As the Incumbent (sometimes called “Rector”) of Messiah, Tay is responsible for the pastoral leadership and spiritual nurture of the community. A graduate of Hampden-Syndney College and then Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University, Tay is a native of the United States and came to Canada in 2004 with his wife, Betsy. He spent his first two years in Canada as the Associate Priest at The Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Tay has a strong background in digital media as well as Clinical Pastoral Care (hospital chaplaincy). His professional interests include new media/social media, evangelism, liturgy, mission-based church, and contemplative spirituality. An Associate of the Order of the Holy Cross, he maintains his connection to that community. Tay serves the Diocese of Toronto as part of both the Project Enabling and Monitoring Group (which oversees new church plants), the Back-to-Church Sunday Planning Team, The Our Faith Our Hope Communications Sub-Committee, and is a Fresh Start Facilitator. He is the co-founder of the Centre for Excellence in Christian Education. Tay has several hobbies including cooking, computers, sailing, boat-building, canoe-camping, and softball. He and Betsy have a young son, Henry, and two cats. Tay maintains a blog that can be found here and also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.