Messiah Hosts 250 Davenport Development Open House

We were pleased to host members of the community for a meeting called by city Counselor Joe Cressy to discuss the development plans for the property adjacent to 250 Davenport. 250 Davenport is a large Community Housing (TCHC) complex close to Messiah. For some years we have been partnering with that building to run the Good Neighbours’ Food Market. The objective of the Market is to provide affordable fresh fruit and vegetables in an area with few other options. TCHC, which manages the building at 250 Dav, has sold some of the adjacent land to condo developers in order to finance the rejuvination of the TCHC building. The purpose of today’s meeting, ahead of a more formal meeting to be held February 18th, was to bring various stakeholders together in the area to talk about the plans.

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