Spiderman-Henry at Caribbean Night 2014

Spiderman at Caribbean Night 2014

Messiah is a relaxed community where people aren’t bothered by kids running during worship. It is not uncommon to see a three-year-old playing on the floor in front of the altar or a toddler climbing stairs in the back. We have activity kits for busy hands and toys at the back of the church. Kids are welcome to participate in worship anyway they wish, and often are asked to take on leadership roles such as reading scripture aloud or preparing communion.

We have a multifaceted program for Christian Development. For most Sundays in a month, the children spend the first part of the service in classes organized by age and led by volunteers. They return to join their parents for Holy Communion. Sometimes, the kids remain upstairs the whole time to enjoy “Children’s Church”–an experience of worship specially designed for their spiritual needs. On other occasions the children may remain with their families the entire time. The flexibility of our programme allows for a variety of different experiences for children of what church can be like.


Baptism (sometimes known as “Christening”) is a rite of passage in which a person (of any age) enters into the community of the Church. One baptism made in the name of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is sufficient for life, no matter the faith of the person who performed it. Baptism is a two way commitment between the candidate (or their family in the case of those too young to speak for themselves) and a congregation to grow together in imitation of Christ. Because of its importance to the life of the community, Baptisms are done on Sundays as part of the regular worship, usually on special Sundays of the church calendar such as Easter and Pentecost. If you are interested in pursuing baptism for you or your child, please contact our priest, Tay Moss.

Burning the Palms from last year's Palm Sunday to make Ashes for Ash Wednesday - Shrove Tuesday 2014

Burning the Palms from last year’s Palm Sunday to make Ashes for Ash Wednesday – Shrove Tuesday 2014

Confirmation Prep

We are very excited to be ushering a group of our young people through preparation for confirmation. Confirmation is a coming-of-age ceremony in which young people mark a transition into adulthood by publicly affirming, for themselves, commitments made on their behalf at Baptism. Please talk to the clergy or youth group leaders for more information.

The Kingdom of Heaven Mural

We set out to create a space that would make children feel alive with the joy of being loved by God. We wanted them to imagine themselves as part of the Kingdom that God is creating for all creation. After some thought and planning we decided to commission two large murals. These murals are designed to engender a feeling of warmth as well as provide ample opportunity for teaching. Further, they become the perfect back drop for worship designed specifically for children. Two gigantic murals cover the East the West walls of the “Children’s Chapel” to depict the Kingdom of Heaven as we experience it on earth (with Jesus among us) and heaven (as a beautiful banquet prepared for us). The mural was painted by the well-known Toronto artist Susy Bleasby.