Live @ Messiah: 125th Anniversary Service

We are very excited to celebrate a 125 years of ministry with a grand service including readings from scripture, music, a sermon, and communion. Bishop Patrick Yu and the Rev’d Tyler Wigg-Stevenson will be our special guests. Scroll below to see the leaflet or click on this link to see the worship leaflet.

Live @ Messiah: Easter 4 2016

Jesus as the Good Shepherd is one of the earliest and most popular of all metaphors. Jesus, himself, describing himself using “pastoral” language. People evoke images of Jesus as the good shepherd to feel comforted, protected, and cared for. But in fact this way of describing one’s ministry is provocative, political, and problematic both in more »

Live @ Messiah: Easter 3 2016

Easter is not just a single day, it is actually a whole season which lasts for 50 days: Easter Day until Pentecost. We spend the season exploring the consequences of the Resurrection for the first followers of Jesus and for us. Today we’ll explore one Jesus’s post-resurrection appearances to his disciples. The service includes readings more »