The Missional Road Map

Here is a map that lays out my current thinking about the work of creating a third-space/coffee-shop/fresh-expression. Right now we are in the first red box: “Initial Networking.” We have also begun some work In the second (“Missional Listening”). The blue boxes represent strategic leadership tasks. The green represent what it is we ought be more »


Today Charles Waterman (Rector’s Warden) and I met with a representative of a company called Environics. This company provides demographic data and related analysis for marketing purposes. They use a variety of databases including public census data and proprietary databases to generate these data sets, and provide research for companies as well as non-profits and more »

Holy Week 2013

The Maundy Thursday Agape Meal at Messia

Many people come to Church twice a year: Christmas and Easter. This is understandable, since they represent the two highlights of the church year–the celebrations of the birth and death/resurrection of Jesus. But if most people were forced to choose between them, they would probably go Christmas with its cheerful hymns, cozy traditions, and family more »