This Sunday at Messiah – September 22, 2013

“Keep the faith” is a noble sentiment and an appropriate motto for a sports team, military unit, or any band-of-brothers, but what does being steadfast and trustworthy look like on the edge of human experience? What does it look like after 70 years?! Laurie and Muriel Morgan, faithful members of our community for many years, more »

Leaflet for the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady of the Surf

Here is the leaflet for the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Extraordinary people usually come from extraordinary mothers, and Jesus is no exception. This Sunday we celebrate the woman known in the East as the “God-Bearer”: a girl barely a woman who bravely said “yes” to God’s plan. In her life we see something more »

The Demographic Study Has Arrived

The detailed Demographic Analysis that that the church commissioned is finished. Environics Analytics, a firm recommended to us because of their work with other churches, completed a comprehensive analysis of our local area. The report gives a much finer picture than we have ever had before of exactly what sort of people live near Church more »

Messiah Group Attends 10th Annual Institute of Evangelism Dinner

On Thursday night a group of eight from Messiah attended the Annual Institute of Evangelism Dinner at Wycliffe College. Wycliffe is one of two Anglican Seminaries that are part of the University of Toronto and has enjoyed a historic connection to Messiah. Indeed, Tay Moss was the first Rector called to Messiah who wasn’t a more »

The Missional Road Map

Here is a map that lays out my current thinking about the work of creating a third-space/coffee-shop/fresh-expression. Right now we are in the first red box: “Initial Networking.” We have also begun some work In the second (“Missional Listening”). The blue boxes represent strategic leadership tasks. The green represent what it is we ought be more »