The Weekly Bread: Plums

Weekly Bread 2014 9 17

One of the oldest fruits known to humans, plums are easy to love and even easier to cook with. Editor’s Note: Contributions Food of the Week: The humble plum will make your gut as happy as your tongue when you eat this sweet and flexible fruit. Recipe Box: Hazelnut Plum Crumb Tart Messiah Moments: Plumemoose 250 Dav: Revitalization Guiding more »

Messiah Commons Team Meets with Councillor Vaughan

Part of the Messiah Commons and Messiah Market team met with city Councillor Adam Vaughan this week to discuss the churches plans and how they may interact with city initiatives. The Councillor was pleased to hear about the projects underway and suggested several ways in which the church could provide important services to the neighbourhood more »

This Week at Messiah – December 8, 2013

John the Baptism Beckons

Richard Swanson says that when John the Baptist enters the historical stage, the boards tremble. Indeed, this larger-than-life figure enters the scene with as much subtlety as a hammer striking an anvil. This is the image of the charismatic prophet we have come to expect–forcefully calling out the powers-that-be with righteous anger in this Sunday’s more »