Fire, Water, Steel: The Easter Vigil

Perhaps no service is more important in the tradition of “liturgical” churches (like the Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Anglicans, etc.) than the Easter Vigil. It’s the yearly celebration of the primary mystery of the Christian Faith: Jesus died and was resurrected from the dead. The service begins in complete darkness as we gather at the more »

Messiah Group Attends 10th Annual Institute of Evangelism Dinner

On Thursday night a group of eight from Messiah attended the Annual Institute of Evangelism Dinner at Wycliffe College. Wycliffe is one of two Anglican Seminaries that are part of the University of Toronto and has enjoyed a historic connection to Messiah. Indeed, Tay Moss was the first Rector called to Messiah who wasn’t a more »

The New Archbishop of Canterbury Formally “Enthroned”

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the spiritual head of the Anglican Church around the world. He doesn’t have the authority of a “Pope,” but he does have great influence and in an important symbol of both the unity of the world-wide church and also the continuity Anglicanism enjoys with the church through time. The Archbishop more »