Live @ Messiah: 6th Sunday after Easter 2017

Jesus promised, in the Gospel accounts, to send an “advocate” to help us in his absence. This Holy Spirit is attested to throughout the New Testament of the Bible and quickly became an essential feature of the Christian life. Yet life with the Holy Spirit is not as straightforward as it might appear, and even more »

Live @ Messiah: 5th Sunday after Easter 2017

Who wants to live forever? Everybody knows the Christian promise of eternal life, but everybody gets foggy about the implications of such an endless existence. Writers and thinkers from Mary Shelly to Anne Rice have suggested that a mere extension of human life would eventually become unbearable. But it Jesus we are promised something more more »

Live @ Messiah: 4th Sunday after Easter 2017

Sheep, shepherds, and gates may not be as straight-forward a metaphor as they may appear. Join as we explore the subversive, subtle implications of the teachings of Jesus. The service includes beautiful music, lessons from scripture, a sermon, and Holy Communion. Scroll below to see the leaflet or click on this link to see the more »

Live @ Messiah: Easter 3 2017

Road To Emmaus by Janet Brooks Gerloff

The Easter Season continues to be full of surprises as Jesus appears, mystically, to his disciples as a stranger they encounter on a road between Jerusalem and Emmaus. Bishop Kevin Robertson is with us on his first visitation as our new bishop and will be preaching. The service includes beautiful music, lessons from scripture, a more »

Live @ Messiah: Easter Vigil 2017

Join us for the holiest night of the Christian year: The Great Vigil of Easter. A service of light and fire, we recall the history of salvation and the resurrection of Jesus. We are a small Anglican Congregation learning together how to follow the way of Jesus. Scroll below to see the leaflet or click more »