The Significance of Offering

As a non-profit, The Church of The Messiah relies entirely on donations to sustain our Ministry, We offer back to God a small portion of what God has so generously given to us.but the spirituality of giving extends far beyond mere sustenance: gifts of time, treasure, and talent bond us together to our God. All the world’s religions seems to agree that giving is not only virtuous, it is necessary for the spiritual life. By making an offering of a portion of the good things God has given us, we give thanks and praise in a tangible and physical way.

Ways to Make Offerings

Giving With Envelopes

Those that who come regularly on Sundays often like to make their offerings at that time. Usually this is done with envelopes. Each family or individual receives dated envelopes that are placed in the offering plate with the weekly donation. Because the envelopes are sealed and identifiable only by number, your donation is confidential, but our Book Keeper will provide a tax receipt at the end of the year. To receive envelopes please speak with one of the Wardens or with Rev’d Tay.

Direct Deposit

A more convenient option for many people is to have their donation automatically withdrawn from a checking account on a regular basis. With this option the offering is processed regularly and securely. Establishing Direct Deposit is straightforward. To set-up Direct Deposit, please speak with one of the Wardens or with Rev’d Tay.

One-Time Gifts by Mail

If you wish to mail or hand-deliver a donation to the Church of The Messiah, simply write a cheque to The Church of The Messiah and mail or deliver it to this address:

The Church of The Messiah
240 Avenue Rd.
Toronto, M5R 2J4

Tax receipts are provided for donations totaling more than $10.

Donation On-Line through PayPal 

The Church of The Messiah is pleased to accept donations on-line. Simply click on the button below or anywhere else it appears on our site. Through this method we accept credit cards and you may give any amount. Tax Receipts will be given for gifts over $10.



A Word of Thanks

For more than 120 Years the Church of The Messiah has been able to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel in Toronto. Over the years we have been able to help countless individuals in our community and beyond. We are deeply grateful for the support that has made this Ministry possible.