Our Story


Easter morning at Messiah – Light steams in through the stained glass window.

As a community faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ, The Church of The Messiah seeks to connect people with the transforming power of God’s love. We do that by gathering to worship, serving our community, and providing educational opportunities for nurture and learning.

The Church of The Messiah was founded on March 24, 1891, by a group of interested pioneers from the nearby Church of The Redeemer. A catastrophic fire in 1976 led to the rebuilding of the church and the creation of the Daycare. Thanks to the fire, the interior of the church is modern, flexible, and comfortable.

Our parish has a long history of powerful ministry in the city of Toronto, and we are excited about the renewal currently underway. Over the past few years a great deal of attention has been paid to developing our worship to be an authentic, engaging, and spiritually rooted expression of our love for God. One of the characteristics of our worship is that there is usually a forum time after the sermon in order for people to engage what they’ve heard and share any insights they might have.

With our pastor, the Rev’d Tay Moss, we have begun looking at how we can renew our ministries and mission to our neighbourhood. This involved both founding new church groups such as the Healing Prayer Group, the Contemplative Eucharist group, and the young-Mom’s group, but also looking at how we use our facilities and whether they are still well suited for the ministries we wish to undertake.

This renewal also includes significant attention to how we teach our children about God. Messiah is part of an initiative known as the Centre for Excellence in Christian Education (CECEC) Initiative. This new program will seek to teach our children and youth to be better disciples of Christ by instilling character traits such as compassion, hope, and love.

These initiatives are driven by the keen desire of the parish to be a relevant expression of God’s love to a community in need of the Gospel. To that end, we engaged in a series of facilitated discussions about the history, context, and mission of our church. We believe firmly that our community is poised on a tipping point of change that will lead us closer to God’s will for our community.

The Larger Picture

The Church of The Messiah is a part of the Eglinton Deanery, which is in the Episcopal Area of York-Scarborough under Bishop Patrick Yu’s jurisdiction in the Diocese of Toronto. The Diocese is, in turn, part of the Anglican Church of Canada. Being Anglican means that our church has a historical relationship with the Church of England and is in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Eglinton Deanery

A deanery is a group of Anglican Churches organized according to their geographic area. The Eglinton Deanery is composed of the following churches (plus Messiah).